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Project Playground Material

Originally designed for use on the highways and now adapted for use within play and recreational areas, durability is the key property of this material. Manufactured from a combination of granulated plastic and glass bead, the material is non-toxic, non-slip, colour fast and extremely durable.

Unlike paint or powders which fade and become unsightly over a short period of time, the thermoplastic material does not. Once installed, you can expect your markings to be looking good a remaining functional for many years to come. The material is NON toxic.

Project Playground Installation Process

The thermoplastic material is applied to the surface using a propane burner. Heated until molten, the material becomes one with the surface, and once cool, within approximately 10 minutes of application, the markings are ready for use by the children, unlike paint or other forms of marking which require hours to dry, rendering play and recreational areas redundant for long periods of time.

Installation of the markings can take place while the children are at school. This is possible by either zoning off areas – at least twenty meters from children playing, or else by installing while the children are in class. As the material cools and sets within 10 minutes of application it is ready to use by the children, break times and lunch hours are uninterrupted.

Installations can be carried out during normal school days, weekends or school holidays.

We clear up and remove any work tools and equipment from the site during these recreational times.

Project Playground Delivery

In normal circumstances Project Playground Markings are able to supply your markings within 4-6 weeks of receiving your order, however there are times when this is not possible. The most usual cause for delay is the weather.  We can not install our product in extreme heat, wind or rain. Nor can the markings be applied to wet surfaces. Due to the complexity and time taken to lay some markings such as Netball courts, 1-100 snakes and ladders etc prior to committing them permanently to the tarmac surface, even the threat of extremes in weather will result in an order being postponed. In these circumstances, please be patient - the end result will be well worth the wait!

Payment Terms

In most cases we require a deposit of 50% which will be invoiced upon acceptance of the quotation to allow us to manufacture the materials and designs in readiness for installation. Upon completion and approval, the balance is invoiced separately.

Project Playgrounds Guarantees

Project Playground markings offer two types of guarantee.

The first is our 'Price Promise' guarantee. Our research tells us that our prices are the most competitive in the market place. We understand that a schools needs may well be beyond their financial budgets, it is to this end that we will always negotiate in order to facilitate desired end results. We will not however be beaten on price (like for like) and price never compromises quality.

The second guarantee Project Playgrounds offer is that of written warranty on all installations. As far as we are aware none of our competitors offer written guarantees against poor installation or material lifting. Project Playgrounds do. The warranties that we offer give peace of mind as they offer total protection against defects, inaccuracies and longevity. All installation guarantees are subject to surface condition which is why we always recommend you send us images of your playground via email if we are unable to conduct an 'On Site Survey' prior to an order being placed.